The Presidents Jubilee

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O, that my words could be heard by all people, not only by you my brethren and sisters in this Tabernacle and throughout Utah, but that they might be heard and understood by all the people of this continent, and not only this continent but the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Islands of the Sea. This day we greet you and all our sisters who are everywhere celebrating this occasion in commemoration of the organization, by the Prophet Joseph Smith, of the Relief Society. We praise God that our ears have been saluted with the glad tidings of salvation again restored to the earth, through the instrumentality of the Prophet Joseph.

President Kenyatta urges Jubilee MPs to strongly support Big Four plan

This is a glorious day in which we live. It is the dispensation of the fulness of times when all things spoken by all the holy prophets will be fulfilled. This is a great day for the sisters of the Relief Society. The daughters of Zion have met here this day, as also wherever they are organized, to celebrate this day, the fiftieth anniversary of our organization and to lift our hearts in praise to God.

We rejoice at having some of our leading brethren with us today. We anticipate having a good time. The peaceful influence of the spirit of the Lord is with us; it is full of life and joy.

A word as to the duties and labors of the members of these organizations, of the Relief Society is appropriate at this time; as sisters of this organization we have been set apart for the purpose of comforting and consoling the sick and afflicted the poor and distressed, particularly those who love and fear God; to comfort one another in every trial of life, and cheer the depressed in spirit, on all occasions; this is our special mission, therefore keep this in remembrance.

If we continue to do these things in the spirit thereof, the Lord, at the time when He comes to make up His jewels, will approve of us.

My sisters everywhere who have humbly embraced the Gospel and are true to it are my sisters. I greet them as such. I pray God to pour out His spirit upon all of you today, and from this time forth. This is a day never to be forgotten because of the goodness of God to us. I hope the Presidents and members of every Relief Society on earth will have such a good time today as will never be forgotten by them. This is my prayer and desire in their behalf.

As sisters we have to work out and secure our salvation. Let us honor the Lord for permitting us to live in this dispensation, also honor Him for the glorious principles of truth, light and life which He has revealed to us through His inspired servants. We pray and ask our Heavenly Father to bless these our sisters, that they may continue to visit the poor and needy and see that none suffer among us.

I trust our object will be to improve in good works, that the sisters, in addition to what they have already done, will build houses wherein they can hold their Relief Society meetings and worship the Lord. Let us help our Presidents and each other and stand shoulder to shoulder. We are blessed with glorious privileges, and have been. The franchise so gloriously given us, and enjoyed so long, has been taken from us without cause.

It may be restored to us again; let us hope for this. Sisters let us bring up our children in the fear of God. Ask him to give you a portion of His holy spirit to guide you in all things. Do not neglect these matters sisters. See that you perform your duties humbly and faithfully every one of you.

If there is one mother present here who does not teach and instruct her children properly, in such a way as the Lord approves of, I plead with you to do so. Call your children around you in the absence of the father, and pray with them.

Theater of absurd as war in Jubilee goes to the presidency : The Standard

Teach them how to pray and the proper manner in which they should do so, that your prayers and theirs may be heard and answered with blessings upon your heads. Warn the children of the evils that surround us. Lift up your warning voice against temptations now so prevalent in our midst that they may not become a prey to these evils, but grow up in holiness and in purity before the Lord.

Encourage home productions of every kind. This paper should be in the family of every Latter-day Saint. Above all things may we so live as to have the spirit of the Lord dwelling in us continually. Let me say to you sisters be true helpmeets to your husbands. Be one with them in all things in righteousness. Let your desires be to make home what it should be.

When Joseph received his first vision he was told that his name would be spoken of for good or for evil by all men; from that day to the present time, this has been verified. May God grant that we may stand firm and faithful to the truth, walking in humility and purity before Him; may His blessing attend this people throughout the world on this great and grand occasion, and henceforth. You mothers and daughters of Israel we greet you and ask the blessings of our Heavenly Father upon you and upon all His people on earth. These are the desires of my heart and may God grant them is my prayer for Jesus sake.

Zina Y. I feel pleased, my brethren and sisters, at having this opportunity of assembling with so worthy an association as the Relief Society. It must be a source of pleasure to our sisters to look back upon the work which has been accomplished since the organization, by the Prophet Joseph, of this Society, and it must fill the hearts of many Latter-day Saints with joy and gratitude to think of the stupendous work which the sisters, connected with these Associations, have done. The great help they have been to the Church of Jesus Christ we poor mortals cannot conceive.

But we do know of much that they have [a]ccomplished 13 in [p. We know many homes to which they have carried comfort and blessing of various kinds; in which they have provided food for the hungry and clothed the naked, and have administered relief to those who were sick and afflicted, God has been with these sisters in their ministrations.

By the power of faith and detection which has attended them, a great many marvelous cures have been effected among the people through their prayers and good works. It has been a testimony to those who have witnessed these things that the power of God is in the Church, and is bestowed upon all those who seek Him in faith and in humility.

The work which has already been done by the sisters and the great good accomplished will be almost forgotten in the magnitude of that which the future will develop, for as the Church shall grow and as the honest in heart from the nations of the earth shall be gathered, the field for the exercise of the talents of our sisters will be greatly enlarged, far beyond that of which we can now form a conception, God will put it into the hearts of those who stand at the head of this institution to organize reforms and adopt such measures as shall be of greater benefit to our sisters and to the brethren than in the past.

Their hearts and sympathies will become greater in the work of God. Now, it seems to me, from the opportunities offered our sisters, even in this day they can use an influence and exercise their talents for great good among this people.

Jubilee insiders termed Waiguru as 'political baggage' to the President

We speak of charity, of relief which should be given to the poor, but it is mistaken charity to give to those who are able to earn their own living. Such charity means the encouragement of idleness among this people, who ought to be a nation of workers, and become proficient and industrious in the various occupations of life. Not only young women, young men and middle aged men, but our older sisters also should have some object in life and work for its accomplishment.

They should not alone be taught to use their brains but also their hands for the accumulation of the material things of life which are essential to our welfare. I remember when upon my mission to Germany of visiting some of the Industrial Schools which are there established for girls and young women. They received instructions in these things, and were made to understand, to a certain extent at least, the duties which would devolve upon them when they became wives and mothers.

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Other institutions are in existence for the good and benefit of the young. It is considered a disgrace by the people there for a young woman to grow up in ignorance of the things pertaining to her life here upon the earth. But how is it with us? Among us today we find there are many growing up with an idea that it is a disgrace to work. Some of our girls seem to think they are gaining great advantages in acquiring the accomplishments which are to be had at schools or home as the case may be, where they receive knowledge of these things, but they forget the duties which will hereafter devolve upon them as wives and mothers in Israel.

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All such are illy preparing themselves for the great responsibilities which the near future will devolve upon them. In my estimation it is the duty of our sisters, who have had long experience to impress our daughters with the necessity of acquiring those things which will be a lasting benefit to them. Teach them the use of their hands, in economy, in the management ol [of] those things intrusted to their care, so that when they become wives they may not be such as will cause disunion in the household, neither cause a feeling of disappointment in the hearts of their husbands, but rather be fully capable of performing the duties of wives and mothers, and feel that they have something to live for in this life.

Here is a field, unlimited, for the exercise of the talent of our Relief Society as well as our Church schools. They should draw into their Associations every young woman they can find and teach them to love their fellow creatures here upon earth and administer to their wants.

The sisters are capable of entering into the feelings of their sex; of sympathizing with them in their distress, and of providing for them the proper necessities in time of need. They should feel that they have a mission upon earth other than that of appearing well in society and of shining brilliantly, because some others do this.

Brethren and sisters I feel that God is with our sisters in their labors in these societies, I also feel in my heart to ask Him to bless and prosper them, and assist them to do their part in carrying forward His great work in these latter days.

The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee
The Presidents Jubilee The Presidents Jubilee

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