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On our journey around Britain, artists will exhibit work drawing inspiration from the places we visit. None of the art seen in one place will be seen in any other, these will be transient moments of artistic expression. Artists will get to express themselves with almost total freedom, growing a following and collector base around the UK. All forms of art will be included, and all will be welcome to enjoy it. More important than this though is the ethos at the heart of the project — affordability.

Art can and should be created for everyone to enjoy, and therefore affordable for everyone.

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We wish to provide a welcoming and engaging environment that challenges the norm and alters perceptions around art galleries and art ownership. The destructive connotations of our name represent the pent-up frustration at the current state of art and modern society. Wildfires destroy but they also renew and bring about a rebirth.

We want to engage more people with artistic creation, expression and, yes, ownership than ever before.

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We wish to scorch the earth, but we wish to sow the seeds for regrowth. New conversation within art and society at large. We wish to unleash frenzied and passionate artistic expression, spreading across the country. Burn away conventions and perceptions that seek to present art as a negative, dividing force. We want to effect change; In the art world In the way art is perceived In the way art engages people In society In the country In the world.

Location: london, UK.

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Facebook: wildfiregalleryuk. The Wildfire Manifesto. Art is a basic social need to which everyone has a right.

Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by pm, December 31, will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor. Despite beginning to assemble this compilation nearly a decade ago, the letters feel eerily resonant in It is a struggle many readers of this collection will relate to — though not perhaps to the extent Mandela did, having faced immense physical and psychological torture during his imprisonment. But as extreme language about race and gender becomes the norm — even among world leaders — trying to assess which direction the moral compass of our society points has become harder, and so does hanging on to hope.

The greatest strength of this collection is its ability to renew hope at a time when many of us sorely need it. In one letter, he requests that a bookstore send works by Upton Sinclair, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck to his children. In another to his daughter, he hails the importance of classical greats Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, alongside modern artists turned activists Paul Robeson and Miriam Makeba.

But there are also many letters that, frankly, do little to enlighten the reader on Nelson Mandela the activist, or even Nelson Mandela the person.

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  8. Just imagine if every single note you wrote in a single month, from birthday cards to letters to a cousin about family matters, were published. Now stretch that week into years. But even the most mundane letters of Nelson Mandela are worth reading, if only to find your way to those that are extraordinary. The collection affirms that Mandela was not only a brilliant political tactician and legal mind, but also an exquisite writer.

    The Hope Manifesto by Brady Weldon | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    However, what ultimately makes this collection unforgettable is not the language he uses, but the ideals that emerge as central to his worldview and his fight for survival in circumstances that would have broken many of us. For instance, prison reform has evolved from a fringe issue of the left to a mainstream issue embraced by conservatives and liberals alike. One of the most powerful weapons for psychological torture he cites is the arbitrary withholding, destroying, and excessive censoring of letters between prisoners and their friends and families. Much of this behavior was clearly not arbitrary at all, but a calculated effort to destroy the prisoners by destroying the relationships that gave them the hope they needed to keep going day after day.

    He and other prisoners faced quotas regarding how many letters they could send and receive, and even then, the quota was affected by what kind of correspondence it was and from whom. A request that makes it clear that to her, Mandela was not an incarcerated political icon, but merely a doting grandpa. While obviously the circumstances are not entirely parallel, the incarceration rates of black men in the United States have proven to be one of the most destructive forces within the black American community, with a particularly debilitating impact on generations of children who have ended up virtually fatherless.

    It does mean, however, that doing so requires at least two core ingredients — the first being an unquenchable desire by the father to parent regardless of the obstacles in his way , and the second being a willingness of those outside of prison walls to make maintaining relationships between the imprisoned and their children a priority, something that gets very little attention from any of us who live in societies that prioritize punishment over rehabilitation.

    The HoPE Manifesto

    In most circumstances, at least one of those individuals needs to be a family member. These letters are so lyrically written, spiritually affirming, and intellectually engaging that they cast a large shadow over the rest of the collection.

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    6. If I must dream in my sleep, please Hawaii for me. I like to see you merry and full of life. Not all of the letters between the couple are brimming with romance and positivity.

      The Hope Manifesto The Hope Manifesto
      The Hope Manifesto The Hope Manifesto
      The Hope Manifesto The Hope Manifesto
      The Hope Manifesto The Hope Manifesto
      The Hope Manifesto The Hope Manifesto

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