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Eventually, Melody is given a computer that helps her speak and communicate in a regular fifth grade class. Melody even gets the opportunity to participate in a trivia competition. Unfortunately, even great success cannot change opinions of those who cannot see beyond the physical. This is a fact Melody is forced to face despite everything she accomplishes. Out of My Mind is a brilliant novel that takes the reader into the world of an amazing eleven year old girl who eventually realizes she is no different from the kids around her despite her body's disabilities.

Melody Brooks was born with cerebral palsy. Her parents have done all they can to help her live a normal life, but life is often frustrating for Melody because she cannot speak or communicate her wishes. In fact, Melody was even diagnosed as profoundly retarded when she was five. Despite this, Melody's mother enrolled her in public school to give her the opportunities she needed to succeed. For this reason, Mrs.

This things helped Melody become more self-sufficient. However, Melody continues to be reliant on her parents to feed her, to help her go to the bathroom, and she would never learn to speak. When Melody is eight, her mother becomes pregnant. Melody can overhear them talking about the new baby and their fears that she will suffer the same disabilities as Melody.

Melody feels guilty and ashamed when she overhears these conversations. However, even Melody is happy when the baby, Penny, is born perfectly normal. As Penny grows and matures, Melody feels a little jealous that a baby is doing all the things she will never be able to do.

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However, Melody adores her little sister and is pleased with the pleasure the baby brings her parents. When Melody begins fifth grade, the new teacher brings a great deal of change, including an inclusion program that allows the special education children to join normal classes. I love how author James Clear explains the human tendency toward procrastination: we all have a Present Self, which wants instant gratification, and a Future Self, which values long-term rewards.

Your Present Self overrules your Future Self in order to get what it wants — right now. The procrastination spiral begins. Morning pages can help you get down to business, because action breeds more action.

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Unleashing your thoughts can also release any fears or worries that are blocking your path. Free writing is, essentially, a way to talk to yourself. Expressing murky thoughts can provide clarity. If you write honestly without editing yourself, the decision or at least the next step usually comes forward. As Cameron says:. The joy of missing out: your new secret weapon for creativity. A case against the hustle.

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Feeling burned out? How to bounce back without working less. Silence is golden: how a daily dose of quiet can improve your life. How the first hour of your day can make you a better leader. How to solicit advice and still seem competent. The power of letting go: how surrendering control can improve your life. How managing your emotions can help you stay motivated.

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I got to this article round about via a Medium article. I did some freewriting for quite a while, using a Julia Cameron journal. Since I'm a journal hoarder, I thought it would be perfect. I found myself making excuses for not writing for 30 minutes, or not writing four pages worth of drivel. When I started writing only one page per day, I found it just as easy to stop.

However, reading your article has encouraged me once again.

Yes, I stare at the computer way too long, I play stupid games on my phone and I glance at the TV every evening. I love to write, heck, it's what I do for a living. I need to get back to myself. Thank you! Thanks I was looking for some good ideas on morning pages.

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This helps. I agree with all except the Delete Button. I know these ideas aren't meant to be read by others but I like to save and re-read later, sometimes years later. Here are some of the benefits:. So it would make sense to you to simply type your Morning Pages out each day. You figure that you can get it done faster since you type so much faster then you write.

Velocity is the enemy. It takes longer to write by hand, and this slowness helps connect us to our emotional life. Writing by computer is more emotionally detached practice. It helps keep our Inner Critic alive and well since we are so easily able to go back and fix our mistakes. It yields us speed and distance, but not the depth that we are looking for. Velocity is more often our enemy than our friend.

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Think of writing morning pages on the computer as if you are driving 80 miles an hour. When we write by hand, it is more like we are driving 60 miles an hour. And in doing this, the paradox is that we are ultimately more effective— and, yes, efficient— throughout our day. The idea behind the morning page is so simple. Take advantage of this. Write about whatever you want. One of the biggest shifts for me came with how I approached time. I no longer viewed it as just quantity and looked at it from a quality viewpoint.

Each one of the things that I do helps me in some way to better use my time. This allows me to focus better and ultimately be more productive. Morning Pages are a great example of this.

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  • So the tradeoff of an extra 30 minutes of sleep for a clearer, more alert mind become an easy one for me. Just like everything else I do, I had to experiment to find the right way to use this tool. Something that would work for me. I encourage you to do the same.

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    For something that has no wrong way to do it, there sure does seem to be a lot of rules or suggestions for the ways to do the Morning Pages. The first two pages are focused on clearing my mind. I write about whatever pops in there.

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    It can be mundane stuff or very serious issues, something inspiring or something that might be depressing. I try hard not to judge myself and just do it. Some of the writing is in the first person. Sometimes it switches to the third person.

    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind
    Pages from my Mind

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