Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way

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The earliest attribution to Oscar Wilde was from : "A good friend is one who stabs you in the front". No source was given. I don't want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there No known source in Oscar Wilde's works. Earliest known example of a similar quote comes from a usenet post not attributed to Wilde Attributed to Wilde on Goodreads some time on or before January Bears some resemblance to Machiavelli's deathbed dream.

Misattributed [ edit ] Why was I born with such contemporaries? I'm not young enough to know everything. Illusion is the first of all pleasures. For a complete review see the misattributed quotation entry at Oscar Wilde in America. Be Yourself.

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Everyone Else Is Already Taken. Anonymous advertising copywriter for Menards chain of hardware stores , according to Quote Investigator. Retrieved from University of California Libraries Archive. Wikipedia has an article about: Oscar Wilde. Wikisource has original works written by or about: Oscar Wilde. Charles E. Combes, must have been startled to find Peterson on his doorstep early one morning, giving strong indication that he had not yet been to bed. He invited him in, urged him to have a cup of tea and asked the purpose of the visit. I left nothing out, nothing.

When I stopped talking, after a long time, Rev. Combes said politely, is that all? I just stared at him.

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After that, I had to live up to his faith in me. Lil grinned at him. Oscar laughed. She used to get sick at odd times, not just in the morning. Once I was walking down the street and I suddenly was violently ill, right there on the sidewalk. Later I discovered Lil was ill at the same time. The jazz impresario Norman Granz arranged it after asking if Oscar was game. Since then he has made thirty to forty record albums and has won world acclaim. Vladimir Horowitz is maybe second. And Tatum said that about me. Frank Sinatra is also a Peterson fan. Once Peterson and his trio were appearing at a Las Vegas hotel at a time when Sinatra was singing just down the street.

On the final night of his booking, Sinatra ended his act early. Oscar chuckled as he remembered the occasion. All you were eating was hamburgs. Oscar nodded. A few years ago a Hamilton barber refused to cut Peterson's hair. Discrimination triggers his temper occasionally.

Michael Collins, Oscar Wilde, and Eugene O’Neill all celebrate their birthdays today

The earliest example of it was when Oscar was about nine or ten, in a classroom with another colored boy. The teacher, in trying to find out which student had thrown a ruler, snapped, "I'll bet one of the niggers did it. The Petersons believe that there is a general bettering of tolerance, despite recent ugly disturbances. Although their district in Toronto has few Negro residents, several neighbors hurried to welcome them during their first week there.

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A few years ago, Lil overheard, with sick dismay, a group of children taunting her daughters with the epithet "Niggers! Another source of annoyance to Oscar is the theory he sometimes encounters that it isn't the least surprising that a Negro should be a good jazz musician. I'm a Canadian. I learned jazz in a country whose atmosphere is slightly sterile for a jazz musician.

It has nothing to do with color. I know a lot of tone-deaf Negroes. While the Petersons talked, the five children were playing somewhere in the house so quietly they couldn't be heard. The oldest. Lynn, appeared at her father's command to search for his lighter.

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She went out', came back a few minutes later holding it. When school starts, it's rationed to one hour a day on schooldays and two hours a day on weekends. Both Petersons considered this and nodded together. They aren't doing me a favor by getting good marks, or themselves either. I get terribly lonely. The nights are the worst. I sit and knit. Listen to records, feel miserably blue. I'm planning to cut down on night-club dates in the future so I can be home more.

Oscar looked surprised.

1. 'Oscar' is the best-known 'Wilde'

The girls have radios but they never turn them on. They are all taking music lessons and I think that accounts for it. They put him in a private institution; no one even heard about it. But if I took a shot of heroin, police sirens would clang, headlines all over the place. Very few musicians are addicts, but the whole profession suffers.

Recently he was a guest at a home where the host lit a marijuana cigarette.

The argument that ensued lasted for hours. I have faith in myself. I know I can play. I believe that talent is a manifestation of ego. When I'm playing really well, like on that record we made at Stratford, I'm playing better than I can. Oscar and Lil exchanged an affectionate look. You have to find a wedge to get that door open. So you look over your assets and pick the strongest one to use to bludgeon the doorkeeper. He hesitated, hoping not to be misunderstood. I can say something with one note, if I want to.

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Click to View Article Pages. It's worth it. His grin widened. More From This Issue. More Like This. More From This Author.

Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way
Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way Oscar The Boy Who Had His Own Way

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