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Why they didn't put Fried Hockey Boogie on it is a mystery to me, though.

You'll never hear a finer "On The Road Again. Location: WNY. I have five in the series.

Lots of studio chatter too! Dan , Aug 21, Location: East Coast. The Crickets one is SO great, that you think you are in the studio with them. Its that good. Its a tough one to find now, tho, it went oop very quickly. The remake was always stereo. I'm a huge Ventures nut 35 CDs and I love it.

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I agree that the Jan and Dean sounds pretty amazing as well. Boy did that one sound great. I really love this series and Im sorry they cancelled some before they could come out. RetroSmith , Aug 21, Location: Near New Haven, Connecticut. I dont know how they would compare with the most recent box set I wonder if the Blues Magoos got the idea from "we aint got nothing yet" from Rickys version of "summertime" on vol 2. I noticed that the "ride the wild surf" on rhino's surfin' hits has the orchestra way, way up front, unlike the version on the legends. Maybe that's from the movie soundtrack, "Ride" was a top 20 hit according to the liner notes.

I never heard the original single. The Eddie has a real cool demo version of pink pegged slacks, and some rarities. Location: Central VA. My favorite in the series is the great Christmas compilation, Legends of Christmas Past. Then it'sa capped off with a bonus track of Christmas or holiday greetings recorded by various artists for DJs, mostly in the s. A wonderful compilation -- if you're at all into holiday music, pick this one up if you see it! Two I wish I had bought: The Rivingtons the birds the word!

The overheat light then came on several times, On each occasion the pilots would turn off the switch and wait for the rear cabin heater to cool down before turning the switch back on. The heater would alternately blow cool air or the overheat lamp would appear again. According to Ferguson, Rank left the cockpit to 'troubleshoot' the heater, then either signaling Ferguson to activate the switch or walking forward to the cockpit to activate it himself.

This may have occurred four or five times.

Rick Nelson Interview, | Red Robinson

He continued, "I was getting more nervous. I didn't think we should be messing with that heater enroute. Shortly thereafter, one of the passengers came forward and reported smoke in the cabin.

Ferguson stated he turned off the switch and initiated a degree turn for Texarkana. Rank then returned to the cockpit to begin the emergency descent, trailing flames and black smoke from its right engine into the evening sky. Chasing Smoke He appeared to be having difficulty with his speech, said they had smoke coming in the cockpit. Then he asked how many miles it was to Texarkana" , said Ruggles.

But I think they were having difficulty seeing with the smoke. I think the pilot was just trying to land the plane anywhere they could". When the DC-3 narrowly missed David Jones's house, the crew had turned west when the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer below the anti-collision light severed utility wires on the east side of the highway. A utility pole inside the field's east perimeter fence was severed by the left and right wing leading edges outboard of the engine nacelles immediately before the initial touchdown. Though damaged, the wing leading edges did not separate until the aircraft struck a small island of trees at the field's west perimeter fence line.

Truck driver Tommy Reed, on the highway, then saw the DC-3 touched down only to become airborne again, leaving a two-wheel touchdown 40 feet in length. Slightly aloft, the DC-3 again flew before its final two-point touchdown only 50 feet in length before encountering trees about 2 feet off the ground, shearing off both outboard sections of the wings, but leaving the left engine idling while the rest of the plane exploded.

Bob Allison, a helicopter rescue pilot, was dispatched to the site, landing there at , 16 minutes after the crash: " All I saw was a ball of fire", he said later. Pilot Brad Rank and co-pilot Kenneth Ferguson escaped the burning plane through a window on to the cow pasture owned by Nolan and Novelle Woodward.

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They shouted to the passenger cabin, but there was no response. Ferguson and Rank backed away from the plane, fearing explosion. Ferguson later said that Rank told him, " Don't tell anyone about the heater, don't tell anyone about the heater. Don Ruggles, along with his wife Mary, landed near the wreck.

They found the surviving duo about a hundred yards from the fire. Then one of the pilots said he thought he was going blind, and I told him to close his eyes". It was a horrible thing seeing seven people perishing in that plane and there wasn't a thing we could do about it.

Legends of Rock & Roll: The Everly Brothers

I just regret that we couldn't have gotten him and the others out". It took firefighters more than two hours to extinguish the inferno - propelled by the fuselage's magnesium construction - and the victim's bodies were recovered by the following morning. Rank, who suffered second and third degree burns over 10 percent of his body, was in serious but stable condition at the University of Arkansas Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The co-pilot, Kenneth Ferguson, 43, was in critical and guarded condition with burns to his face, hands and back 40 percent of his body at St.

Rock 'N' Roll Legend: Rick Nelson

However, all nine people in the passenger section perished. Apparently, they were trying to escape. Telling the World Subsequent television news reports revealed that Nelson's year-old mother, Harriet, had heard of her son's sudden death in her California home while watching CNN News.

Since , Burton has played lead guitar in Elvis: The Concert which reunited some of Elvis' former TCB bandmates, background singers and Elvis' orchestral conductor Joe Guercio mostly from the "concert years" — live on stage. During and , while still touring with Presley, Burton was one of the first members to join and tour with Emmylou Harris as part of her backing band, the "Hot Band", after the death of Gram Parsons. He was joined by a cast of talented musicians which included his bandmate with Presley, Glen D. Hardin , and newer musicians which included Rodney Crowell.

However, once Presley was ready to return to the road, Burton returned to perform with him, although the others, including Hardin, elected to continue with Harris. Just before Presley died in , Burton was called to play on a John Denver television special. During the taping, Denver asked if Burton would consider going on a European tour. Burton said he was working with Elvis, but if scheduling permitted, he would be glad to go.

Shortly after Elvis' death, Burton began a regular collaboration with Denver. The first album they recorded was I Want to Live. During the sessions, Burton and Denver talked about a band. Glen Hardin and Jerry Scheff , from Presley's band, joined the new band too. Burton remained a member of Denver's band until , but often toured in parallel with other artists including Jerry Lee Lewis.

In the 16 years Burton worked with Denver, they recorded 12 albums and toured around the world.

Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson
Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson
Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson
Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson
Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson Legends of Rock & Roll - Rick Nelson

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