Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)

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Denken ohne Geländer: Texte und Briefe

Kraus, Karl : Die dritte Walpurgisnacht. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Lacey, Nick : Narrative and Genre. Key Concepts in Media Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan Google Scholar. Langer, John Tabloid Television. Lejeune, Philippe : Der autobiographische Pakt.

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Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)

The Creation of Coherence. Linde, Charlotte : Working the Past. Narrative and Institutional Memory. Mannheimer Analytika 4. Von der Diskurs- zur Interdiskurstheorie. Konstanz: UVK. Locke, John [] : Two Treatises of Government. Peter Laslett. Lowe, Nick J. Zur moralischen Krise der Gegenwart. Matt, Peter von : Die Intrige. Theorie und Praxis der Hinterlist. The Narrative Structure of Experience. Mumby, Dennis K. Band 5.

Hannah Arendt - Wahrheit und Politik

Nussbaum, Martha : Poetic Justice. The Literary Imagination and Public Life. Boston: Beacon Press Google Scholar.

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Phelan, James : Living to Tell about It. A Rhetoric and Ethics of Character Narration. Friedrich Schleiermacher.

Denken ohne Geländer: Texte und Briefe

Prince, Gerald : A Grammar of Stories. An Introduction. Quasthoff, Uta M. Rainer Rochlitz. Ricoeur, Paul : Das Selbst als ein Anderer. Jean Greisch. Ryan, Marie-Laure : Narrative across Media. The Languages of Storytelling. Such a deconstructive gesture informs On the Shores of Politics. He confuses two related but decisively different levels of her analysis. For this, consider a more profound disambiguation proposed by Simona Forti. Bobbio ; also Pitkin , are underway. The result of this is the interference of the logic of profit, interests, and competition in politics and thus the privatization of politics.

Although in her seminal political-theoretical works The Human Condition , On Revolution , and On Violence Arendt does not venture a distinct designation, in her late The Life of the Mind she insists on the deficiency of the mere capability of speech in contrast to actual communication.

Upon closer inspection, it would therefore be false to assume that with the seemingly affirmative reference to Plato Arendt legitimized the assumption that the founding act alone provides the right to rule. It works out only at the cost of sweeping aside the third assumption that would escape the quandary.


There is indeed a third assumption, which I would put as follows: the Rights of Man are the rights of those who have not the rights that they have and have the rights that they have not ibid. How , i. Simultaneously, Arendt supplements this necessity of a secular miracle with the insistence on institutional — archipolitical — instruments that ensure the continuation of the revolutionary spirit.

She endorses this position because in the face of the annihilation of human freedom by totalitarian, inhuman politics, freedom ought to outlive the moment of disruption. The conservative trait of institutionalization is tied to the revolutionary spirit that engendered the change in the first place. Moreover, the institutional correspondence to the spirit of the beginning not only preserves but also questions the revolutionary achievements ibid. If this principle of authority enables the upholding of revolutionary spirit, it can do so only by questioning the actual fundamentals of authority, institution, and revolution.

This conforms with Jay M. Meyer , By positing a paradoxical fundamental or identity of man and at the same time refusing to consolidate it for the sake of securing its survival, his subject remains an abstract entity. Additionally, the emancipatory and world-making power of mute speech can be explained only in retrospect, namely only when the mute speeches of the past have been preserved, that is, institutionalized in some form.

While he can explain how a democratic movement comes about from below — through the development of the new speech and the redistribution of the sensible, etc. However, the question is not whether the politics of equality can be institutionalized, but how it can be institutionalized. This, of course, does not necessarily have to be detrimental to the relevance of his thinking in terms of the critique of contemporary post- democracy.

How to Engage in Practices of Critique? Shame and the Challenges of Postwar Western Democracies.

Grunenberg, Antonia [WorldCat Identities]

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Edited by Jerome Kohn. New York: Schocken Books. Munich: Piper. Badiou, Alain. Translated by Jason Barker.

Erzählen. Die ethisch-politische Funktion narrativer Diskurse

Bajohr, Hannes. Advanced search. Journal Patterns of Prejudice Volume 46, - Issue 2.

Journal homepage.

Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition) Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)
Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition) Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)
Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition) Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)
Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition) Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)
Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition) Hannah Arendt - Politik und Macht (German Edition)

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