Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)

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Culture and method: On the relevance of reconstructive methods for researching other cultural settings. The western tradition of social science could develop adequate instruments for the research in foreign cultures to the extent to which it was able to describe und explain otherness inside the own society.

The appropriateness of reconstructive methods for research in foreign cultural settings is a question that can not be answered in a general manner. However, much depends on whether, and to what extent, the different members of the "family" in Wittgenstein's sense have adopted precautions to defend themselves from the danger of ethnocentrism.

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Die Entdeckung der kommunikativen Vernunft. Habermas und die Rezeption der Frankfurter Schule in China. Keywords : communicative reason , Habermas, J. Discovering communicative reason. Habermas and the reception of the Frankfurt School in China. After the beginning of the reform period Chinese scientists were able to learn about research results form the Western world. From the late s and early s on, the works of the Frankfurt School were met with special interest, mainly because of their critical contents regarding politics and society, which became a useful tool to criticize new market reform-based changes in Chinese society.

But the understanding of the Critical Theory as neo-marxist philosophy as which it was categorized in China passed off quite selective: Horkheimer and Adorno, for instance, are in China considered as representatives for cultural critique while Habermas is mostly known for his concept of public sphere und his theory on modernity But in using only those components subservient to the perspective needs of the Chinese academic discourse lies the inherent danger of ignoring the true potential of the Critical Theory for the benefit of local inter-pretations.

Metamorphosen des Kapitalismus - und seiner Kritik. Keywords : capitalism , critique of capitalism , neoliberalism , inequality , exclusion , precarious employment , employment , poverty , labor market , resistence. Metamorphoses of capitalism - and its critique. Von der Desorientierung zur selbstreflexiven Standortbestimmung linker Gesellschaftskritik [From desorientation to self-reflexive definition of leftist social criticism].

Die Subsumtion der Subversion im neuen Kapitalismus [The productive power of criticism. The subsumation of subversion in new capitalism].

Flucht aus Mekka

Problems of representing interests in fragmented job markets]. Zur Repolitisierung der Arbeits- und Geschlechterdebatte [Women to the top? On the re-politicization of the labor and gender debate]. Theorien als Verarbeitung beunruhigender Erfahrungen: Frobenius und Freud. Paideuma Keywords : theory , Frobenius, L. Theories as overcoming disturbing experiences: Leo Frobenius and Sigmung Freud. In the context of J. The sum of no equation. European university studies. Keywords : Naipaul, V. This book offers a literary criticism of all major works of Naipaul, very much relating to, and dealing with postcolonial situations in India, Trinidad, etc.

Starting with the social and psychological side of the person Naipaul, one can summarise some reasonably simple discoveries that can be extracted from both his autobiographical pieces and his seemingly fictional books, published within a period of more than fifty years. Naipaul suggested that the way to approach the author is not through finding out as much as possible about the man and one could easily argue that the idea shall simply be used in conversion. One can learn more about the person when taking into account all that has been produced by the author, who is part of the person.

Having studied English, Naipaul was aware of all the tools available and of the aims of literary critics and seems to have challenged these established routes for his own sake and to serve his purpose. Menschen und Kulturen 4. Keywords : processions , pilgrimages , marchpasts , medieval pilgrimages , Nanda Devi , memorial culture , performances , rule and performance. Processions, pilgrimages, marchpasts.

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Movement between religion and politics in Europe and Asia from the Middle Ages. This book is result and part of a larger research project at the University of Heidelberg, Ritual Dynamics, a conference that took place in The events and processes have religious as well as political aspects; they may point to values of a group or may be tools aiming to present their ideas about history and order.

Such performances have been instruments of rule par excellence in pre-democratic times and settings.

Der erste Film über die Pilgerfahrt im Islam (Hadsch) in deutscher Sprache Vollversion

Mittelalterliche Pilgerreisen ins Heilige Land als ritualisierte Bewegung in Raum und Zeit [Medieval pilgrimages to the Holy Land as ritualized motion in time and space]. Fatimidische, byzantinische und ottonisch-salische Herrscherprozessionen an hohen Festtagen [Fatimid, Byzantine, and Ottoman-Salic processions of rulers on important festival days]. Jahrhundert [Ritual in urban memorial culture of the late Middle Ages].

Flucht aus Mekka by Nile Green - Project Syndicate

Ohne Akteure geht es nicht! Oder: Warum die Fundamente der Luh-mannschen Sozialtheorie nicht tragen. Keywords : Luhmann, N. It will not Work without Actors! The subject of this article is the late social theory of Niklas Luhmann. The analysis of its foundations shows that its claim to have developed a radically different theory in contrast to methodological-individualistic approaches is not tenable. That basic figures of argumentation like "the social system produces, observes" etc. It is shown why social systems as differentiated entities have no capacity to produce selection.

This means that social systems are not distinguishable from psychic systems as Luhmann argues. Religion and music. Religionen in Kultur und Gesellschaft 1. Keywords : religion and music , music and religion , Hindu music , Raga music. From the comparative perspective on cultures one can observe that music is used not only in religious adoration and worship but also in rituals of personal and collective crisis.

Music as non-verbal religious commu-nication acts as a social form of cultural consolation, commemoration, recollection and the representation of ideas and values as well as a marker of cultural and personal identity. This collected volume aims to formulate impulses for the study of religions, rituals and the aesthetics of religions. A Report from Inside. Theoretical Reflections.

Diffusionism, Appropriation, and Globalization. Some Remarks on Current Debates in Anthropology. Keywords : anthropology discourse , theory of anthropology , globalization , diffusionism. Diffusionism is a long-standing theoretical issue in anthropology.

The current research on globalization often shows astonishing similarities between the 19th century understanding of diffusion and the most recent interpretations regarding globally circulating cultural phenomena. These parallels indicate the impact of global influences on local cultures.

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Instead of adopting a macro perspective that promotes a world map outlook, the author proposes a closer examination of local action in the context of global influences in order to avoid the reemergence of the shortcomings that led to the termination of the 19th century approaches. The focus on the local perspective through study of cultural appropriation appears to be an optimal way to understand the working of globalization on local levels. Kognitive und kulturelle Evolution. Keywords : evolution , cultural evolution , history , cognitive evolution , phylogenesis , ontogenesis , environment and history , biological evolution , human evolution.

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Cognitive and cultural evolution. Every biological species has a specific environment which comprises perceivable elements and effects. As factors are included: conspecifics, animate and inanimate objects, their possible relationships, and the time-depth in which the elements are seen as relevant and may interact. Within this environment, which is naturally, cognitively and culturally affected, the cognitive sphere of an organism is formed by three dimensions: the phylogenetic-biological, the ontogenetic-individual, and the cultural-historical.

The specific environment affects the characteristics of the dimensions, which are also directly influenced by each other and indirectly through interactions with the environment. The cognitive and cultural evolution of homo is not a progressing adaptation to an independent environment which is the same for every species, but a co-evolution of interdependent specific systems. In particular, the cultural-historical dimension and the specific environment extended each other during human evolution.

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Grat-Wanderungen durch einen postkolonialen Bildungspark. Ridge walks through a postcolonial educational park. Eine konstruktive Kritik aus der Sicht philosophischer Anthropologie. Keywords : Boltanski, L. A constructive criticism from the perspective of philosophical anthropology. Even three decades after its legalization, abortion is still an option which women do not necessarily experience as a constituent of freedom. In his ,La condition foetale: Une sociologie de I'avortement et de 1'engen-drement" Paris , Boltanski discusses this fact in light of the new kind of capitalism.

Morally unjustifiable but tolerated by law, the practice of abortion indicates, according to him, a tension in the process of human procreation, that is, a universal conflict which has become visible only recently, due to abortion's legalization as well as the proliferation of the specifically capitalist culture of the project. Boltanski maintains that abortion is a necessary evil of social anthropogenesis although not legitimizable in moral terms.

Firstly, the moral relevance of corporeality itself which escapes Boltanski's attention; secondly, the lack of a concept of personhood which would allow for grasping the precarious integrity of pregnant women; and thirdly, Boltanski's problematic claim to neutrality with respect to the issue of the foetus as person.

Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition) Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)
Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition) Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)
Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition) Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)
Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition) Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)
Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition) Haddsch – die Pilgerreise nach Mekka (German Edition)

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