Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity

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Gee, Drew, how do you really feel about it… Of course, some art is more political than other art, though all good art is strongly political because the clearer, the more complex and important the themes and ideas promoted in that art are, the more political the piece of art is.

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Take film for instance. Frozen carries messages far more powerful and life-changing than does Kung-Fu Panda 1, 2, or 3 , and it is greater art because of it. Summary : Discipleship is a work from two pastors in North Carolina writing about how the gospel applies to all people in all areas of life. The authors state that the Old Testament Law has three purposes: It drives people to Christ, restrains evil, and teaches proper worship and obedience. The book implicitly calls for community because its information is best experienced alongside a friend, a small group at church, or in family devotions.

Book layout. The book is divided into three categories: the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Chapter structure. Each chapter has an italicized section that is geared toward children. The body of the chapters is divided by the specific doctrines or themes. Discussion Questions : Do you agree with the observation that churches have many good programs but rarely have a systematized way of training its people to be Christian disciples? Why or why not? What are catechisms, and how do their structures match that of Discipleship?

What is the problem with assuming that only pastors and parents train disciples? How do you see the story arc of Scripture—Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration—portrayed in other works such as books and films? Our firm conviction is that the best and most effective means for discipling our children is to restore the Biblical process of Christian discipleship within the home. Our secular culture increasingly denigrates marriage and family, and our church culture far too often divides and fractures the God-ordained nuclear family.

Therefore, we have as a more immediate goal the rebuilding of strong, Christ-centered families that cross generational lines. We submit that practicing real Biblical discipleship in the home will strengthen marriages, engender true respect and honor for parents, and foster life-long bonds of selfless love and faithful devotion between children. We testify that God has been faithful to His promise to honor those who honor Him, and that the principles we espouse have been effective tools He has used to accomplish His purposes in our children and to reproduce faith in their hearts.

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A commitment to Biblical home discipleship is necessarily counter-cultural. It is a firm resolution to serve only one Master Luke which presumes an opposition from worldly influences and an antagonistic response from the world. It is a reasoned and calculated commitment to walking the narrow way Matt. Christian home discipleship is Bible-based and Christ-centered. It is not built upon theories or practices of modern psychology or so-called science. Since only Jesus Christ is Truth John , any correct philosophy of education and parenting must lay its foundation in the Living Word alone.


All others are built on sand and will eventually fail. The home educating process we espouse is one manifested in the Scriptures. It seeks to instill wisdom, values, and beliefs primarily through inter-personal relationships between teacher discipler and student disciple.. The current secular model patterned after the Greeks and dominant in Western education merely transmits factual information and academic skills and runs counter to this discipleship model. We believe the Biblical model is far superior because it incorporates a basic principle of human relationships: a person will adopt the values and beliefs of those with whom he spends the most time.


In other words, a key to success in discipling our children is that we spend more time with them than any competing influence Luke In view of this, we discourage reliance on co-ops as a basic format for home school learning, because even positive peer relationships and teacher-child relationships can interfere with or supplant development of strong parent-child relations so critical for home discipleship. While parents may legitimately delegate responsibility for certain academic classes or skills to others outside the home, we believe such occasions should be very limited and closely supervised.

When such are necessary, individual apprenticeships with carefully chosen tutors are much preferred. For He established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which He commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children; that the generation to come might know them, the children that would be born, that they may arise and declare them to their children, that they may set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments;.

The responsibility of discipling children is one which the Bible charges clearly and specifically to fathers Prov.

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Fathers must fulfill the role of home school superintendent, directing and overseeing the education of their children and if required, personally teaching specific academic classes. The delegation of the spiritual training of children to others is not an option, however. ICHE, however, is acutely aware of the added difficulties faced by single mothers and also by home educating mothers whose husbands are either uninvolved or uninterested in fulfilling their God-ordained roles.

It is our continual prayer and desire to support these faithful and courageous women through every possible means and at every opportunity and to encourage other home educating families to do likewise. Next, home discipleship is multi-generational in scope. Christian home education demands a long term perspective and mindset. We are not merely discipling our children to walk with the Lord. We must also be training them to be disciplers of our grandchildren and discipler-trainers for our great-grandchildren.

They do. Our God does not only call particular individuals from each generation to serve Him. He calls whole families and whole family lines down through the generations. He called all generations of the children of Abraham to be His own special people. He called the sons of Aaron to be the priestly line. He called the sons of David to be kings. Our children must realize that since the Lord has called their parents to be His own, His call extends unquestioningly to them Acts and to their descendants as well. The end result is the establishment of a new Christian home which will make disciples and disciple-trainers of the next generation.

By implication, this passage also conveys the great value and blessing of grand-parenting. If there is no greater joy than to see our children following the Lord 3 John , then as circumstances allow, surely the second greatest joy is in investing our time and energy in the spiritual lives of our grandchildren. Retirement from discipling duties is not an option.

masbuscadochile.cl/wp-content/reno/to-la-parra.php As the Lord provides, having several generations living in close proximity to each other, and attending the same church fellowship, is a worthy goal for every extended family. Chronologically and fundamentally, the first step in Christian home schooling is beginning a life-long process of developing Godly character within the child. This builds a vital foundation in the child, preparing him to succeed not only in the academic learning which later follows, but also in life itself. Every life so lived is a salt that preserves and promotes civil order and brings blessing to the individual, the family, and the culture at large.

These latter effects can be greatly attenuated and minimized by living a life which conforms to His image. We also see here a call to apply Biblically directed discipline, whose purpose and intent is to train the child, from infancy, in self-control. Initially, externally applied behavioral boundaries with lovingly administered chastisements are required within the home. As the child grows, he learns to consciously and consistently choose to live within the civil laws and moral restraints necessary for societal harmony.

Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity
Discipleship: An Introduction to Basic Christianity

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