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Environment Dictionary. I have studied the language some time, and can read, translate, and, I flatter myself, write tolerably well ; but always find myself embarrassed when I attempt to converse with the English, not only to express myself, but also to understand them. It is clear that our methods must be very difierent, or that I am excessively stupid. However, be that as it may, I am determined to con- quer all difficulties, and will thank you, who have already done it, to give me some advice how to set about it.

Adieu till Sunday, when I expect the pleasure of your company to dinner. Yours, etc. Friday J Sept. Dear Thomas, You flatter me very highly in applying to me for advice on the study of the English language, and I offer you, with pleasure, the result of the observations I have made. The first, and most important thing, is to be particu- larly careful in the choice of a master ; it will save you much pains, time and money.

The study of rules is not absolutely neces- sary in the beginning, but occupy yourself as much as possible with practice. Experience has proved to me that one good practical lesson is worth a whole week of theoretical study. The principal difiiculty lies in the great difference that exists between the written and the spoken language, and to ac quire the knowledge of the latter, it is absolutely neces- sary to listen very attentively ; to receive the sounds be- fore you attempt to emit them ; be assured that when once your ear is formed, half the difficulty is over.

There are several minor circumstances to be observed, which we will discuss when I have the pleasure of seeing you.

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Heartily yours. Dear Juliet, Three times have I taken up my pen to give you a few lines, and as often been prevented. Everybody is so extremely polite here that they will not let me have a moment to myself. One proposes an excursion on the lake, another a visit to Ferney, then an excursion to Mont-Blanc. I intended to give you, in this, a description of our journey ; but must leave it for the next, when my head will be more steady, and I shall have had an opportunity of looking over my journal.

We are delightfully situ- ated here, and in fact nothing but your agreeable compa- ny is wanting, to render our abode a perfect paradise. From my window I have a view of an immense extent of the lake and surrounding mountains ; and within five minutes' walk there is a delightful promenade called the Bastions, I assure you that Geneva pleases me more than any place I have yet seen, and my present intention is to stay as long as the weather continues fine.

Write to me as soon as possible, and direct your letter to the care of Mr.


Tuesday Evening. My Dear Frank, My conduct may appear very astonishing to you, and upon my soul it is equally unaccountable to myself.

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With a most ardent desire to please everybody, I seldom succeed in pleasing any one. Last night, for instance, determined to be punctual to my engagement with you at eight, I left home at half after seven, and, having plen- ty of time, called at J — 's, just to say how do you do. After the usual compliments I was about to retire, but found it impossible. J — begged ; in vain I pleaded an engagement, the answer was: "You often disappoint tis'for your other friends, now you must disappoint them for us. I could not leave without being perfectly rude.

I really consider myself a most unfortu- nate fellow. Do make my peace with the S — family, and I will promise faithfully to be at the concert on Fri- day.

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You say you will call to-morrow morning, I will endeavor to be at home, but I have an appointment at eleven. My dear Weathercock, You have taken an infinite deal of useless trouble, and wasted much of your valuable time in composing such an elaborate apology. FarU, June 20, 18 —. Dear Henry, Understanding that you are about visiting London, I think it my duty, as a friend of your late father, to offer you a little advice, which experience has taught me is perfectly necessary to those who visit that capital for the first time.

In the first place, never lose sight of your portmanteau till you have seen it safe at your lodging. Whenever you engage a hackney-coach, be sure to remark the number. You will find at London a great number of hackney- coaches and cabriolets, but unfortunately for foreigners the prices are not regulated by the course, but according to distance, and the coachmen are in general such rogues that if you do not know the fare you are sure to be taken in. It is not customary to give the coachmen money to drink, as in Paris.

Avoid all crowds, for fear of pick-pockets, and be sure you never listen to strangers who may accost you in the streets or public places, and with an air of mystery offer you excellent bargains in jewelry or other articles, which they pretend distress compels them to sell at less than half the real value, but which, should you be so imprudent as to purchase them, you would find entirely worthless. There are other things also to be avoided, such as buying fruit or other articles of people in the street, and giving them silver to change ; for they frequently change your piece with great dexterity, returning you a bad one, and declaring you gave it them.

A perusal of Vidocq's Paris Unveiled would convince you that Paris is far from being the most virtu- ous, or the most honest place in the world.

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  • Dear Sir, Did not the hurry of preparation for my departure prevent me, I would call and thank you personally for your very friendly advice. Be assured that I will not neglect it.

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    Tell me if I can in any way be of service to you while in London ; or if on my return I can render you a service by bringing any thing you may want. My brother will write to me every week, so that you have only to acquaint him with your wishes ; and I assure you I shall feel pleasure in executing them. I set off to-morrow morning at six. Yours ever, etc. Tuesday morning. The old story, never punctual, never keep your word I What do you think of yourself?

    The first question I leave you to answer ; the second might perhaps embarrass you, there- fore I will tell you what they think, or at least what they say. If this have no efiect upon you, you are past redemp- tion. A man may be callous to the railleries of his male acquaintance ; but to be insensible to the poignant satire of the ladies, is what I cannot conceive.

    I have made a promise that you will assist at an amateur concert on Friday at Mr. Now, though you have so little re- gard for your own promises, I hope you will have some consideration for mine, and, for once in your life, be punctual. I shaU be in your neighborhood to-morrow morning and will call on you. Dear Somnus, Twice in the course of last week I called at your lodg- ings at nine o'clock in the morning, and was told you were not stirring.

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    What, in the name of health! You will perhaps say you have nothing to do, but I will not admit that as an ex- cuse : every man who does not abandon himself to sloth, can find something to do. Have you no books to improve your mind? You are not aware how conducive early rising is to health, and how very debilitating, both to mind and body, is a habit of lying late in bed. It shortens life in two ways ; first it undermines the health, and conse- quently hastens death ; and certainly one cannot be said to be enjoying life, when one lies snoring in bed. Pluck up courage, my boy, rise a few minutes earlier every morning ; believe me you will soon become accustomed to it, and wonder that you could have wasted so much of your life. You must not plead going to bed late ; that is no excuse, it is worse than none, because nothing requires your sitting up late.

    I shall call and pull you out of bed to-morrow at six o'clock. The preterite, in French, implies a beginning and an end of the fact ; the imperfect does not. Notice this use of the preposition de, after the verb changer, with reference to oliijects of the same kind. In subordinate sentences, like the present, it is often more elegant to put the nominative ces deux hiboux after the verb se disent , " rends-m'en compte, — 'listen'; use the second person singular. Notice this use of ne before a verb, and que after it. When translating such strongly elliptical expressions as the present, formed with a verb and a preposition, we are compelled to render in full the idea only partly expressed by the words used.

    This turn is French in the case where, as here, the nominatives, or subjects, of the two verbs are different , only after a relative pronoun. U guHl est savant. See Dervis, n.


    Contrary to the case mentioned above n. It corresponds to the Latin, id quod, similarly used. Its great library had been created about the year b. The English as the Latin passive is to be trans- lated into French, wherever there is a certain vagueness about the person or persons that could serve as a nominative to the verb, if coivjugated actively, by the active voice with on, or, sometimes also, by the reflective form, as here.

    Notice this use of the prei osition rfe after quelque choses as also after rien, and quoi. This turn, viz. This, of course, where the construction cannot be altered.

    Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition) Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition)
    Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition) Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition)
    Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition) Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition)
    Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition) Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition)
    Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition) Comment dépenser en cachette (French Edition)

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