A Writers Bucket List

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Free Pre-Publishing Checklist

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My Take on The Above List

But even if I eventually cross them all off, I have learned one thing:. How about you? Please chime in, and as always, thanks for reading! A native of South Florida, Keith spends his free time serenading local ducks and squirrels with his ukulele. Keith, I loved your list and your editing for the blurb made me laugh so hard I snorted me tea.

Apparently even tea cups can be dangerous. I have one more item to add to the bucket list: win a major literary award like the Newbery or Pulitzer. Keith, I enjoyed your Bucket List article.


A fun read while I took a procrastination break from the morning writing. The silence of the ring tone is deafening. Oh, and you might want to check the ringer on your phone. What does he know, anyway?

A Writer’s Bucket List

Thanks for the awesome laugh! I totally appreciate the light-hearted perspective on a typically stress-provoking topic.

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OMG I love you Keith. So much truth here, so many laugh-out-loud moments…off to tweet! I want to help fulfill your dream of having millions of readers what? So I guess my immediate bucket list is getting my new manuscript published. I adored every form of jumprope but double dutch must not have been a thing in my neighborhood, lol. Sorry you missed out on the fun, Anna! Awww — thanks, Kathryn! The love is mutual as is the inability to jump multiple ropes — or even one rope, in my case.

Having a list of goals helped put my life into perspective

Like you, my real-life bucket list could probably be pared down substantially, to something along the lines of write another damn book already! It has stuff like:. Which makes me wonder.

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Keith- I want you to vet all of my future reviews once I cross that item off the bucket list and edit them before I see them. Thanks for a very fun post, I needed the smiles. Hard one for me. Could take a while.

Meaning, I will have to live longer. Your article lightened my mood! Good luck, Sue — be patient and resilient! Funny post. And I love your graphics. Smiling and laughing all the way through.


Always Write: Interactive Notebook Challenge #Bucket lists for persons, places, or things

I too am lucky to have crossed some of these off. Apple Surprise? Moving has left me temporarily unable to focus, as I get interrupted by something crucial did we get a parking space near the door? I very much enjoyed your post. When you figure out how to patch your bucket, let me know.

I give thanks this year for Keith Cronin and his uplifting, funny contributions to this site. You just made my day, at a time when I could really use a made day. Or a day being made.

The Writer’s Bucket List #AmWriting #writers

Or whatever — you know what I mean! Somewhat nerve-wrackingly, I have also signed up to be one of the subjects of a documentary about NaNoWriMo. Might as well dip that bucket in the deep end, right? First step: archaeological dig to rediscover surface of desk. And then, reality sets in. Finishing your manuscript This is huge. Selling your book This is when stuff really starts to get real.

Speaking at a literary event I have to admit, this is one of my absolute favorite bucket-list activities. Seriously, I love everything about these events: I love getting to know other authors and aspiring writers, and having mind-expanding discussions with them. And a major benefit is how this can result in collegial relationships, actual friendships, or simply the filed-away knowledge of whom to avoid. I love talking with non-writers and witnessing firsthand their amazing passion about the stories they read.

Note: this can be another situation where a thick skin is helpful, particularly for an author fortunate and brave enough to participate in a book club meeting about her own book.

A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List
A Writers Bucket List A Writers Bucket List

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